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Are you tired of stressors from everyday life? Do you miss taking a moment to grab a warm cup of tea for yourself?  Why don’t you grab that tea, press pause on your life, and press play to one of our episodes and enjoy. 

Subscribe to our podcast because our show embodies the Netflix methodology, you listen, you binge, and who knows, it might be a good show or a complete disaster.

Our goal is to guarantee you (the listener) a place that provides diverse stories and topics from all around the place, an open space for discussions and personal insights where everything is on the table and hopefully experiencing a moment at the end of the day just be careful not to spill your tea (literal tea)

Let us tell you about our moment, 

It all started when I first hit play to the first episode of Serial, and just like that, I (Athoug) was hooked. From there on, I have been a super fan of all things podcasts. It is an appealing platform for entertainment with all its diverse formats and genres from storytelling, to investigative journalism. 

One day, I woke up, and thought, “Why the hell don’t I start a podcast?” The obvious answer is… well, I’m terrified to do it, especially alone. So I went to the people I enjoy talking to the most, my siblings, and well, sorta did a case for us to start a podcast together. They can tell you in their own words how it took place. 

On one random fateful Tuesday morning, I (Adhwa) came out of my cave -aka room- to make myself some morning tea. On my way to the tea station, I bumped into Athoug, we exchanged niceties (maybe there was a hug there… I don’t remember) She got on one knee and popped the question! Would you start a podcast with me? I played with the idea in my head for a second. Should I say no? I said yes. 

Athoug caught me (Shahla) at a moment where I was questioning my future. You know when your daily routine becomes too repetitive; wake up, go to work, see the same people, listen to the same conversations, go home, eat and sleep. I felt like I reached a dead end and I was not progressing or growing. But then that day comes… Athoug approached me with excitement on her face, she said “Shahla, I have a proposition for you!” and unlike Adhwa (site paragraph 3) I didn’t play with the idea in my head, I said “YES!” right away. 

And there you have it, some kind of moment happened. 

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Moments happen all the time, and If you have a moment you’d like to share with us, or just want to say hi, we’d love to hear from you. Email us, and we promise we’d actually write back to you. 

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